Life Path #1 Art and AffirmationsLife Path - 1:1 Emerging into the divineLife Path Year 1:2 Radiating light throughoutLife Path Year 1:3  I have not taken the shortest pathLife Path Year 1:4 There are many messy distractions on the pathLife Path 1:5 Sometimes many paths appear simultaneouslyLife Path 1:6 Keep going to emergeLife Path 1:7 Shadow parallels but does not overwhelmLife Path1:8 Shadowy beginning dwindles awayLife Path1:9 Fingerlings of light Grow, and chase away shadowy remainsLife Path 1:10 Run, hop, skip, jump!  Activate your light!Life Path 1:11 Some paths create contrast to the light.Life Path 1:12 Some paths require deep reflectionLife Path 1:13 Some paths are verdant and nurturing.Life Path 1:14 Sometimes you will find you are making subtle progress. Life Path 1:15 Changing sign posts direct you along your path.Life Path 1:16  Some paths are brighter than others.Life Path 1:17  Be sand. Be water.Life Path 1:18 Some paths are dusty and dry.Life Path 1:19 The path is up and down, near and far.Life Path 1:20 Sign posts are on and off the path.Life Path 1:21  Sometimes we cross paths with others for reasons ...Life Path 1:22 Your life path will allow you many opportunities to...Life Path 1:23 Hidden gems show up along the path.Life Path 1:24 There are many windows of opportunity along the path.Life Path 1:25 Take time along your path to allow yourself to heal.Life Path 1:26 Windows of oportunity combine with signposts... Life Path 1:27 Even if you feel as though you are caught in a maze...Life Path 1:28 As I follow my own path, it increases my sense of ... Life Path 1:29  The security of boredom or the risk of confusion? ... Life Path 1:30 - It does not ground me to follow someone else’s path.Life Path 1:31 - If these are the givens what are the possibilities?Life Path 1:32 - You will have moments of clarity along your path.Life Path 1:33 - Your moments of clarity may ebb and flow along...Life Path 1:34 - The upliting path is one which lets in the light... Life Path 1:35 My path improves as I raise my frequency with..Life Path 1:36 Even when we are on different paths, there is deep... Life-Path 1:37 Acknowledge your growth and strength as you...Life-Path 1:38 The path may take you into the far unknown.Life-Path 1:39 Sometimes the path includes soaring and flying.Life-Path 1:40 All the work you are doing along your path is...Life-Path 1:41 All the work you are doing is building up momentum...Life-Path 1:42  All the work you are doing is building up insight...Life-Path 1:43 My path includes wonderful and fulfilling,,,Life-Path 1:44 You create a flow of energy as you start on your path.Life-Path 1:45 You are invited to enter in and explore the many...Life-Path #46 Your moments of clarity will become longer and longer...Life-Path 1:47 Distractions will not keep you from your true path.Life-Path 1:48  A true and enduring path is revealed as we pass...Life-Path 1:49 Accept the progress you are making through the many...Life-Path 1:50 Despite unexpected dark times, you are still on...Life-Path 1:51 Listen and receive Guidance and encounter your...Life-Path 1:52 Celebrate your progress at every step along your path.